Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What are they talking about?

Seems I am more in tune with the modern age than I thought.

Fuelled by this success I am revealing the RSS feed to the popular Ipswich based internet radio shows podcast.

take a listen and let us know what you think

And so it begins.......

The Urban Sofa Beat Collective is an internet radio show and Podcast hosted by myself and a slender gentleman called Mathew Marvell.
This post is by way of a test as I am a complete Luddite and have no confidence in my ability to successfully integrate with any technology developed after about 1979.
The real purpose of this blog which is to feature the regular podcasts of The Urban Sofa Beat Collective radio show and to allow our listeners to interact with ourselves and each other will be realized later.
In the meantime however feel free to comment on my technical idiocy or indeed the Urban Sofas website where you can sign up to our RSS feed and get 30 mins of life affirming audio delivered weekly to your inbox.